Sweepy Dragon – eco

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Sweepy Dragon – eco

Szczoko-Smoko (Sweepy Dragon)- Eco toy for children that have literally an “irritating” problem.

Sweepy Dragon

Sweepy Dragon

Szczoko-Smoko (Sweepy Dragon) is a toy patented and developed by FolkSmolk for children coming into the time of teething. Its main job is calming and gentle massaging. Created with our son, who at the time of teething and typical for the period of loitering, was reassured when various minor household devices issuing uniform hum or falling into the vibration were on. Using the observation, we created Sweepy Dragon: a toy “barking” and quivering. The outer form of the toy was hand-made of micro fibres – absorbs moisture, so (if baby decides to bite it and let it massage the gums), it is easy to clean, fast drying after laundering and is very soft. We choose the colours of the materials in such a way to stimulate kid’s visual perception, and unequal, colourful and uneven seams to attract the attention of a toddler in seeing details. Colours and the execution of the toys, are directly related to the visual capabilities of a baby and its development of visual perception. The barking-trembling mechanism is an electric toothbrush. Included you will find brand new brush of the traditonal Polish company. Szczoko-Smoko is founded on your toothbrush, and after being turned on it trembles and gently massages, so that the child calms down. Sometimes just the whir is enough for the infant to get interested and sometimes the shaking as well as the massaging with the toy tip-head of Sweepy dragon steals the show. Courageous kids are willing to massage swollen gums and revel in a soft massage of the aching gums. For a toddler neither to get to the brushes nor to the to the battery, Szczoko-Smoko is closed from the bottom (feet) with strong snaps. Closure is also suited to the visual interest of the child at that age-snaps sparkle and attract the attention of a toddler, and they are sewn with coloured stitches. The snaps along with colorful thread can be engaged as toy respectively. When the infant gets tired with barking-trembling Sweepy Dragon effects, the kit contains a rustling Sweepy Dragon filler. Also, it was made entirely by hand, and the colours and realization took as a priority the visual and tactile perception of the infant. The filler rustles and sparkles. It can also be used as a toy.

Szczoko-Smoko (Sweepy Dragon) belongs to the eco RECYCLING form of FolkSmolk workshop. Materials used for its creation are subjected to the recycling and partly arise from recycling itself. During the long-term observations and work with children, we have noticed that the baby got more interested with a toy being a piece of rustling film rather than with the more expensive, but dull toy. We create our toys with safe natural materials (fabric, cardboard, etc.), as well as a safe and interesting for the child recycling materials. To maintain the highest security of materials (e.g. foil), we use only materials intended to come into contact with food-they give assurance of quality. This advantage is particularly important in case of infants, whose most of the toys are put into their mouth, bitten and attempted at tasting.


Szczoko-Smoko , eko zabawka dla dzieci

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